We are an R&D focused organization

CleanLife is a Bio-Tech company, providing healthcare products, which is incubated in the Biotechnology Facility at IIT Delhi. CleanLife envisions providing innovative and easy solutions for day to day health and hygiene related problems while aiming to reduce the ever increasing problem of water scarcity. The company aims on providing the best and most innovative solutions in the healthcare domain that have never been acknowledged across the globe.

CleanLife aims to follow the approach of ‘Startup India’ and ‘Make in India’. All the products offered by CleanLife are developed while emphasizing innovation , hygiene, sanitation and water scarcity.

Our Focus

Research & Development



Water Conservation

Our Mission

To give predominant quality healthcare products that patients recommend to family and companions , specialists lean toward for their clients, buyers select for their customers, and investors seek for long term return.

 Our Products

Clensta Waterless Shampoo

Clensta Waterless Shampoo is a comfortable, convenient and safe alternative to traditional shampoo. Waterless technology allows users to shampoo their hair anywhere and anytime without the use of any water. It not only maintains hygiene but also removes dirt completely.

Clensta Waterless Body Bath

Clensta waterless body bath is a comfortable, convenient and safe alternative to traditional bathing. Its waterless technology allows its users to have a bath without the use of any water.It not only maintains hygiene but also removes dirt completely.

 Our Team

Dr. Puneet Gupta

Founder and CEO
Alumnus of IIM-Calcutta
World Record Holder
Implemented various scientific programs with DRDO, MoD, MEA. Experienced in strategic planning, Sales & marketing, Business development.

Dr. Ashish Pandey

Research Head
Research Scholar, IIT-Delhi
Formulation initiatives & Analysis, Immense experience in spectroscopy,  Manifestation of solvent systems, Extensive knowledge of chemical related projects

Mohit Chelani

Head-Strategy & Finance
Alumnus of IIM-Calcutta
Chartered Accountant; worked across multinational companies in FP&A and Global Strategic Initiatives

Dr. V.M. Chariar

Faculty – CRDT, IIT-Delhi. Fulbright Scholar.
Member of Advisory Committees of Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Prof. Anurag Rathore

Scientific Advisor
Faculty – Chemical Deptartment, IIT-Delhi
Scientific Advisory Board, Zumutor Biologics, Bangalore. 25 years in Biotechnology. 12 years in Bio Biotech, US

Abhinav Guru

Operations Manager
Alumnus of NSIT
Responsible for leading market research, R&D management, quality control, operations management strategic planning and overall strategy

Jatin Dogra

Product Manager
Alumnus of NSIT
Responsible for maintaining a healthy product pipeline, overseeing launching products, designing,  brand image, coordinating and implementing campaigns.

Anurag Watts

Business Manager
Channel Sales management, Distribution network, engagement and relationship management

 In The News

The progress of our water
conservation initiative so far


Water saved per product(Litres)


Million litres of water to be saved by the end of 2017 (Projected)



Address: Unit-12, BBIF, TB-1, DBEB, Block 1 Extension,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi-110016
Tel: 011-2659-7264